Green Sales Distribution Inc. (GSD) was founded in 2003 and has since been one of the major players in non- traditional trade ( ÖoB , Dollar Store , etc.) on the Swedish market.

In recent years , the Company has also grown to the regular grocery market ( ICA , COOP , Axfood and Bergendals ) and now GSD centrally listed on all chains with many of the brands / agencies represented.
In selected areas of our product range , we also work towards health/pharmacy stores.

We work in the Swedish market with our own nationwide sales force and have in addition to this a nationwide service force, the company also has solution for Nordic cooperation.

Some of the brands represented are Jacquot, Green Star, deBron, Kathy, Svenskt Godis, Mars, Extra, Stimorol, Bic, Loctite, TotteGott/Grahns et al.

Warehouses and offices are located in Hallsberg middle of Sweden, which is ideal for logistics and transportation

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Krister Green

Green Sales Distributions AB
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